2010 Picnic at John Oliver


Fun for the whole family

In addition to the evening John Oliver 1985 Reunion event at Woody's Pub in Coquitlam, we did a bit of a picnic thing with my little family on Saturday (October 16, 2010) afternoon at the JO field (43rd and Fraser) from 12-2 or so. We bought some junk food at a local fast-food place just like in high school and throw around some frisbees and baseballs.

There were a few photos taken - see the 2010 photos page.

I sent out an “evite” to every email address I could find, as well as Facebook messages to all of my JO1985 “friends” - if you did not get one, drop me an email message to John-Beda@johnoliver1985.ca and I will get the system to send you out one or I think you can just respond directly at the “evite” website.